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A dometic NRX refrigerator against a blue and black background

Dometic NRX Refrigerators

The next generation of marine refrigeration

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The NRX line offers six different size options, ranging from the newly introduced 35L up to 130L, and three model families (NRX-E, NRX-C and NRX-S). Each size and model family offers three convenient mode presets – Eco, Boost/Performance, and Quiet – giving boaters the ability to tailor their refrigerator to meet their needs. NRX-C and NRX-S feature a true 3-in-1 mode, turning the entire unit into a refrigerator, freezer, or combination. Feature-packed as the NRX models are, Dometic has successfully improved performance while reducing power consumption with each NRX using up to 25% less power than comparable models.

NRX Marine Refrigerators

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Dometic NRX 115S

Dometic NRX 115S

Compressor refrigerator, 116 l, stainless steel front

Low stock
Dometic NRX 130E

Dometic NRX 130E

Compressor refrigerator, 126 l, black front

Low stock
Dometic NRX 35S

Dometic NRX 35S

Compressor refrigerator, 32 l, stainless steel front

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Dometic NRX 50C

Dometic NRX 50C

Compressor refrigerator, 44 l, dark silver front

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Modern & Efficient Design

  • Up tp 25% energy savings compared to previous generations
  • Quiet operation at a range of 40-45dB - perfect for small cabins
  • Premium compressor is light and compact with three operating modes - Eco, Boost, Silent
  • Reversible door on all models to match your cabin arrangement

Easy To Use

  • Simple & intuitive control panel with integrated LED light bar
  • Full width handle creates easy access
  • Removable freezer on select models
  • Modular interior includes remoable freezer, shelves, cripser(s) & bottle holder on select models
  • Smart Lock feature allows door closure with a small gap for air flow

Frame Options

  • Frames are sold separately from NRX refrigerators to allow for preferred mounting and configuration
  • Choose between forward mount or flush mount configurations to match your preferred design
  • Frames available in black and stainless



Frequently asked questions about Dometic Marine Refrigerators

Q: How cold does the freezer compartment get?

A: When the freezer compartment is installed, it can reach temperatures ranging from 5°F to 23°F. The freezer compartment is intended for previously frozen food, storing ice cream, and making ice cubes. It is not suitable to freeze previously unfrozen food.

Q: What is the optimum ambient temperature for best performance?

A: Optimum performance is guaranteed at ambient temperatures between 60°F and 110°F and a maximum humidity of 90%.

Q: Can I remove the freezer compartment?

A: Yes. The freezer compartment on all models can be removed to increase the capacity of the refrigerator. With the freezer compartment removed on the NRX(C/S) models, the entire interior can be used as a freezer or refrigerator. 

Q: How cold will FREEZER mode get?

A: The NRX(C/S) can be fully converted to a freezer. With the freezer compartment removed and the unit placed in FREEZER mode, the temperature range is 21°F to 23°F.

Q: What do the cooling modes mean?

A: ECO Mode reduces energy consumption and operates within cooling levels 1-3. QUIET Mode lowers the compressor and fan RPM to minimize any noise output and operates within cooling levels 1-4. PERFORMANCE Mode is used to chill the interior rapidly and operates within cooling levels 1-5. FREEZER Mode can be selected when the freezer compartment is removed and cools the entire unit down to 21°F.

Q: How loud is the NRX in QUIET mode?

A: The noise range across all modes is 40-45dB(A). In QUIET mode, the unit will be operating at or near the bottom of this range. In any mode, the NRX is quieter than most premium dishwashers.

Q: How do I install the frame?

A: There are two sets of threaded holes located on the outside of the refrigerator unit, a set towards the front of the refrigerator and a set towards the rear. To install the frame in a flush-door position, install the frame using the rear threaded holes. To install the frame in a door-forward position, install the frame using the forward threaded holes. Please refer to the Installation Manual for more information and an installation diagram.

Q: How large of a gap will the frame cover?

A: The frame flange face is 15/16” wide. Frames are sold separately from NRX refrigerators