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A man using a pressure water to clean a white boat

7 Tips for Preventing Corrosion in Saltwater

Although corrosion is a persistent adversary, boaters who are proactive with basic maintenance can keep their vessels in top shape, both in appearance and performance.

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A fiberglass boat on a trailer backing into a lake at a boat launch

Boat Launch Basics

Launching a boat can be daunting for new boaters. But with practice and a solid handle on how to to maneuver your trailer, each successful launch will build confidence. Soon you will be able to launch your boat from the ramp like a pro.

A three-blade stainless-steel propeller sitting on top of a tangle of boat roap

How to Choose a Boat Propeller

Propellers are found on every single outboard powerboat on the water. Boaters refer to them using a range of popular nicknames, including props, wheels, and screws, yet propellers are one of the least understood components in the power and efficiency equation.

A center console fishing boat moving quickly across the water

Why Fisherman Love Center Consoles

Center console boats are packed with features that help anglers chase fish, store gear, and safely navigate rough waters. If a design that prioritizes fishing and utility is important to your boating style, then a center console could be a great fit.

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A man leaning over a boat engine on a freshwater lake

Build Your Boat Repair Kit

A basic boat repair kit can help you diagnose and repair many of the issues you’ll encounter on the water.

5 min read
A gloved hand turning a small socket wrench into an exposed boat engine compartment

Spring Tune-Up Guide

Don't overlook all the little things that can play a big role in safely enjoying the water.

5 min read
A small catamaran boat being piloted by a man in orange rain gear

Catamarans vs. Monohulls

Understanding how each boat type aligns with your fishing and boating lifestyle will ultimately guide your decision.

4 min read
A fuel connector and fuel line hose connected to red marine fuel tank

Maintaining Your Fuel System

A few preventative measures can help ensure trouble-free powerboating all season

5 min read
Three red portable boat gas tanks above a marine fuel assembly against a solid light gray background

How to choose a boat fuel tank

Materials, maintenance, and the fuel system

6 min read


Maintenance - Keep Things Running Smoothly

2 min read
A man standing on an flat fishing boat against a grassy bank

Using freshwater boats in salt

This post covers what you need to know when going from freshwater to salt

4 min read
A white center console fishing boat with a black suzuki motor in the water

What Makes a Good Fishing Boat?

You can fish from almost any boat, but fishing boats have unique features

5 min read
A pontoon boat full of people moving quickly across a lake

Understanding deck & pontoon boats

Deck boats deliver comfort and flexibility on the water

3 min read

58 Years of Sierra

SIERRA has a 58-year history as a leading global manufacturer of aftermarket engine and drive parts for the marine industry. The SIERRA brand encompasses the full SIERRA Marine product lines, as well as expansive marine brands formerly known as Shields and Moeller.

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