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Dometic MAX Control - Natural

Waste digester and odor eliminator, liquid, 4 oz. (6-pack)

Dometic Max Control-Natural Holding Tank Treatment eliminates odors and effectively breaks down waste in your sanitation holding tank without the use of formaldehyde or bronopol. The fast-acting proprietary enzyme/bacteria formula enhances beneficial bacteria and will continue to work and benefit downstream systems like septic or municipal treatment facilities. A light appealing fragrance means Max Control-Natural works for portable and gravity toilets and can be used in black or gray water tanks. California compliant and approved for use throughout North America.

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Contains a highly effective odor controlling bacteria-based technology

Enzymes break down waste solids to maintain a clog free environment

Has a light, appealing fragrance for open system applications (portables and gravity toilets)

Helps keep tank sensors clean and unobstructed

Works in black or gray water tanks

Less packaging material per dose than most competitors’ enzyme products

No formaldehyde or bronopol

Concentrated formula - 1 pouch or 4 oz. liquid per 40 gallon black or gray water tank treatment

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Max Control

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Waste digester and odor eliminator, liquid, 4 oz. (6-pack)

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