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Dometic 962 SaniPottie Bonus Pack

Portable toilet, 2.5 gallon capacity

The Dometic 962 SaniPottie portable toilet bonus pack includes the 2.5 gallon 962 portable toilet, one 4 oz. bottle of MAX Control – Natural holding tank treatment, and one roll of ultra-soft quick dissolving 2 ply toilet tissue. By including the MAX Control-Natural holding tank treatment and toilet tissue, you’ll receive everything you need in one package to stay on the water longer.

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Dometic's 2.5 gallon original 962 SaniPottie portable toilet
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Dometic's 2.5 gallon original 962 SaniPottie portable toilet

The 962 portable toilet provides recreational boaters with a simple, self-contained toilet system. The reliable bellows-operated flush rinses the bowl clean every time. Locking side latches assure worry-free portability. Made from high-density polyethylene, the 962 delivers long-lasting comfort and durability.

MAX Control – Natural tank treatment
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MAX Control – Natural tank treatment

MAX Control – Natural tank treatment eliminates odors and effectively breaks down waste in your sanitation holding tank without the use of formaldehyde or bronopol. The fast-acting proprietary enzyme/bacteria formula enhances beneficial bacteria and will continue to work and benefit downstream systems like septic or municipal treatment facilities.

Dometic’s ultra-soft dissolving tissue
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Dometic’s ultra-soft dissolving tissue

Dometic’s ultra-soft 2 ply toilet tissue dissolves quickly and prevents clogs, making it ideal for mobile toilets in RVs and boats. Each roll contains 500 sheets. Made from 100% recycled fibers. Does not contain perfumes or dyes.

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