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Sierra Portable Gas Caddy

Provides Boaters With Convenience, Relief From Record Gas Prices

Premium-quality, marine-grade gas caddies like the Sierra 14 Gallon Gas Caddy have always been a great idea for pontoon boaters who live on large lakes, flats and bay anglers who like to explore remote backcountry waters, or anybody who doesn’t have easy access to fuel docks or gas stations where they like to boat.   

Having a portable, easy-to-transport fuel caddy makes boaters more self-sufficient by allowing them to safely bring gasoline to their boats and fill their tanks wherever they may be.    It also helps boaters expand their horizons and spend more time on the water without having to worry about fuel stops along the way.

Now, there is an even bigger and more important reason to consider a fuel caddy system — record gas prices that only seem to get higher and higher with each passing day.    Fuel prices are currently averaging more than $5 per gallon across the U.S. — and they can be much higher in many coastal states, resort regions and urban areas.  This makes the ability to purchase gas where it is most affordable, and then safely transport it to where it is needed, paramount to keeping boating affordable for families across the U.S.

As high as fuel prices are at land-based gas stations, prices at on-the-water fuel docks are often considerably higher — sometimes by as much as several dollars per gallon.   Marina fuel docks charge a premium for their gas because of their higher business expenses and the fact they are often the “only game in town.” This is all the more reason for boaters to purchase gas where prices are lowest and bring it to their boat — and confirmation that a Sierra Fuel Caddy is a boating investment that can literally pay for itself over time in fuel cost savings.

Boaters often try to accomplish this in a variety of ways, including lugging gasoline down to the dock in heavy and cumbersome “jerry cans.”   Of course, transferring the gas from these cans to the boat’s fuel tank can be a messy and dangerous affair, often resulting in spilled gas that can harm the boat and the aquatic environment. 

The Sierra Gas Caddy has been carefully engineered especially for mobile refueling.  Its 14-gallon capacity is ideal for a range of pontoon boats, deck boats, bass boats, aluminum Fish & Ski rigs, flats skiffs and other popular vessels.   It provides enough fuel to fill or top-off the tank, yet is still easy to fill, transport and use when you’re at the boat.

The Fuel Caddy is made from High Density polyethylene (HDPE) material that is lightweight, rugged and safe for use around fuel.  The tank itself is thick walled to control expansion when filled, is UN Certified and both EPA and CARB approved for refueling boats as well as ATVs, motorcycles, power equipment and other small engines. Gas Walker’s 2-inch vented cap and filler neck, gravity flow design and thoughtful engineering allow the tank to be filled and transported in a horizontal position, then easily positioned vertically for dispensing fuel.   A sturdy, molded-in grab handle helps boaters lift and maneuver the system (it is always recommended that two people team lift the filled tank into a truck bed or other vehicle for transport).  

The Fuel Caddy’s 6-inch heavy-duty tires/wheels are designed to roll and maneuver the filled tank over concrete, dirt, grass, dock planks and other rough or uneven surfaces.   The 10-foot corded, reinforced dispensing hose features a spring-loaded nozzle for easy transfer of fuel into a boat’s onboard (or portable) fuel tanks.    When done, the hose can be easily coiled and stored on the Gas Walker’s integrated hose rack.   

In summary, it makes even more sense than usual for boaters to bring the fuel dock to their boat, rather than the other way around.   For convenience, increased boating enjoyment and safety, it is vital to use an approved, purpose-built fuel transportation system engineered and manufactured by a reputable marine products leader such as Sierra.

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