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Dometic debuts new gravity toilet series

Dometic debuts new gravity toilet series

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Dometic debuts new gravity toilet series

Litchfield, IL – October 25, 2021 New Dometic Gravity Series marine toilets bring a touch of class, comfort and convenience to a new class of boats, without the need for complicated holding tanks, pumps and hoses. Two models accommodate different vessels and preferences.

Center consoles, pilothouse fishing boats and other vessels that have had to “make do” with uncomfortable porta-potties can now benefit from a top-quality, selfcontained gravity toilet system from marine sanitation leader Dometic.

The innovative new Dometic Gravity Series Toilet — making its debut at the 2021 International Boat Builder Exposition & Conference in Tampa, Florida — eliminates the need for a holding tank, pumps and hoses, making installation simple and freeing up bilge space on a wide variety of boat sizes, types and styles.

The Gravity Series comes in two bowl styles (Model 700 and Model 5000) to accommodate different vessels, available space and personal preferences.


Gravity Model 700 features a floor-to-seat height ideal for use in even the most space-restricted consoles and compartments. The Gravity Model 5000 provides a comfort experience near the upper end of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) range for boaters who are taller, or just prefer a higher seat position. Model 700 offers a compact household sized seat, while Model 5000 offers an elongated seat mounted on an extra deep ceramic bowl for added comfort.


The system’s self-contained waste tank doubles as a toilet stand for comfort and ease of use. The 6.5-gallon tank is 260% larger than the typical portable toilet, ensuring plenty of capacity for all day use. Smooth surfaced, high-strength ABS tank construction allows for easy cleaning. Foot reliefs on the front corners improve footing when getting on or off the seat.

A steel flush lever with a sturdy plastic cover ensures a robust flush cycle every time, along with easy operation whether standing or sitting. The system’s dip tub and vent fittings can be rotated for easy connection with deck fitting and vent hoses. To ensure a pleasant boating experience for the entire family, all fittings are convenient, easy to access and fully sealed to prevent odors.

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