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  • Dometic introduces engine drive climate solution for commercial and inboard boats
Dometic introduces engine drive climate solution for commercial and inboard boats

Dometic introduces engine drive climate solution for commercial and inboard boats

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Dometic introduces engine drive climate solution for commercial and inboard boats

Litchfield, IL – October 25, 2021 Dometic Marine’s new Engine Drive Climate System (EDS) provides vessels with air conditioning and heating without need of a generator or shore power. It is made to be simple to install and easy to operate on a range of commercial and inboard powered boats.


Dometic Marine has unveiled its Engine Drive Climate (EDS) System, engineered to provide high-performance cooling and heating to vessels without the need for a generator or shore power.    

This innovation — unveiled at the 2021 International Boat Builders Exposition and Conference (IBEX) in Tampa, Florida — brings a new level of comfort to a range of commercial vessels and other inboard powered boats. 

Designed for easy installation and plug-and-play operation, Dometic’s EDS uses an engine-mounted air conditioning compressor to provide cooling and dehumidification whenever the engine is running.  The system’s fan coil evaporator unit can also be equipped with an optional heater core and water valve, allowing it use the engine’s hot waste water to provide heat to interior spaces of the vessel during cold weather.   

The final component of this system is the simple, one- or two-knob mechanical control panel that verifies compressor operation and makes using the system a breeze.  

The climate control experts at Dometic Marine spent months testing and refining this system to provide the cooling and heating performance boaters need over a range of engine RPMs.  It provides adequate cooling at engine idle speed, yet won’t overload the system when running at full speed.  The sales team at Dometic Marine can work with boat builders and boaters to configure a system that is ideal for a boat’s operating parameters and comfort needs.  Versions are offered that provide cooling capacity from 10,000 to 24,000 BTUs. 

Dometic’s EDS was designed for easy installation.  Electrical connections between the compressor, evaporator and control display are plugged for easy rigging.  The 24VDC fan coil evaporator has plug and play connections and is available in versions that can be installed horizontally or vertically.  In addition, flexible line sets make it easy to route hoses throughout the vessel.  

Dometic provides an optional DC seawater pump relay that allows the pump to be switched on and off using the control panel.  This makes it easy to deliver heat throughout the boat when needed, such as when fishing on a cold winter morning. 

All elements of this system are robustly built to withstand extended use in the harsh marine environment.  This includes the system’s rugged belt-driven compressor and water-cooled titanium condenser coil that is both lightweight and highly resistant to corrosion. 

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