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  • Dometic introduces voyager series tx variable capacity air conditioning
Dometic introduces voyager series tx variable capacity air conditioning

Dometic introduces voyager series tx variable capacity air conditioning

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Dometic introduces voyager series tx variable capacity air conditioning

Litchfield, IL October 25, 2021 Dometic Marine debuts the industry’s first Reverse Osmosis (RO) watermaker system that combines the freedom of automatic operation with available mechanical override. This results in full redundancy and added peace of mind for boaters

SeaXChange XTCII

Dometic Marine has introduced the industry’s first Reverse Osmosis (RO) watermaker system that provides fully automatic operation for ease and comfort on board, yet also offers a mechanical override function in the unlikely event of issues with the system’s computerized automation.

Dometic’s new SeaXChange XTCII Series Watermaker was debuted to the boating industry today at the International Boat Building Exposition & Conference (IBEX) in Tampa, Florida.

With one-touch operation and programmable logic, this system is a reliable way to convert seawater into pure, great-tasting fresh water for drinking, cooking, showering and other onboard needs. Four models are available to deliver from 600 to 2,200 Gallons Per Day (GPD). This means the XTCII Series has the capacity and performance needed to keep the freshwater tanks full on a wide variety of vessels.

The XTCII Series can also be used as part of a twostage system with Dometic’s Spot Zero water purification equipment. This popular configuration passes converted seawater or dock water through advanced purification technology to remove dissolved minerals and other contaminants, for spot-free washing of decks and bright work, whether at sea or at the dock.

The XTCII Series’ compact frame design and modular installation option provides for versatile installation options on a range of boats. Special vibration isolation mounts reduce noise and vibrations onboard, for a more pleasant yachting experience.

In automatic mode, this system’s programmable logic control software monitors and regulates all systems 24/7, without the need for operator intervention. A large 7-inch color touchscreen with graphical display makes set up and operation a breeze. And if it ever becomes necessary, switching to manual override is also easy.

Dometic has designed and manufactured the XTCII Series for reliable operation, long-term durability and corrosion resistance in the harsh marine environment. It features high-rejection seawater membranes for effective desalination, with automatic freshwater flush to help prevent scaling and fouling of the membranes. A 316 stainless steel high-pressure pump, and a rugged totally enclosed, fan-cooled (TEFC) motor with thermal motor protection provide durability for the long run.

NMEA 2000 connectivity allows this advanced watermaking system to easy integrate into a vessel’s digital backbone.

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