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Dometic Launches New Generation Of Premium Powered Coolers

Dometic Launches New Generation Of Premium Powered Coolers

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Dometic Launches New Generation Of Premium Powered Coolers

Dometic is launching the new generation of its popular portable cooler: the CFX series. The next generation of CFX3 models are not only superior in design but also achieve industry-leading energy efficiency. The line-up includes a model equipped with an ice maker making it the world’s first. Dometic intends to expand its customer base by releasing globally.


Dometic has conducted extensive consumer research prior to the development of this new generation.

Studies have shown modern consumers want to maintain their everyday life rituals even when they’re far from home. Active people on adventures still want fresh and healthy food without having to limit the time they spend off-the-grid.

The CFX3 achieves industry-leading energy efficiency. Combined with its capability of consistently maintaining refrigerated or freezing temperatures, the CFX3 allows outdoor enthusiasts to go even further and stay longer on their adventures. Fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, and more will ensure users are well-fed while living mobile.

Dometic intends to widen its retail base in order to allow consumers to find products in a wider selection of stores.

Designed by decades of experience

The award-winning Dometic global design team has created this generation of premium coolers focusing on consumer behaviour and needs. The CFX3 has many innovative designs for a better user experience, including a better user interface, an easy to open latch, better grip, improved LED lights, and solid anchors to secure the unit in vehicles. At the same time, the CFX3 still keeps the robustness that outdoor enthusiasts require on their journeys.

Superior Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the most important decision-making factors for modern consumers. Dometic’s most recent version of its proprietary Variable Motor Speed Optimization ‘VMSO3’ makes the CFX3 one of the most energy efficient powered coolers in the world.

A unique evaporator coil prevents frost and ensures an airtight seal to keep freshness inside.

The products achieve energy class A++ (CFX3 35-55), which means a longer time of operation and flexibility of power source.

Electronics for today’s consumer

The electronics have also received an impressive upgrade. Compared to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® is a more reliable connection and uses less energy. This is why the CFX3 series is now equipped with Bluetooth® functionality. In addition, the CFX3 now has a more powerful USB charger output to power important devices like mobile phones and tablets faster. The new control panel is certified as waterproof/weatherproof.

The CFX3 will support consumers’ needs in today’s digitally connected world.

The Mobile App

For even better control of the cooler from mobile devices, the new Dometic CFX3 app has a new graph of temperature and power consumption to monitor over time. The Bluetooth® connection also gives users control at their fingertips. Simply by opening the app, they can check and adjust the temperature and energy consumption.

The app gives users further peace of mind whilst away from their Dometic CFX3. They can now monitor and control the temperature and energy efficiency and receive alerts when the temperature deviates from the set level by the user.

World first built-in ice maker

The Dometic CFX3 55IM model has a unique function that is first in the market. The single-zone cooler has an independently refrigerated icemaker inside with ice-trays that can make ice for cold drinks, while running the main compartment as a fridge.

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With the Dometic CFX3, on-road, off-road, on the water, outback or in the backyard, ordinary and extraordinary adventures are fuelled by fresher, safer food, less waste and more confidence, giving users the power to be present at any moment.

The Dometic CFX3 series will be available on the market from February 1, 2020. The prices start at EUR 749 (incl. VAT in Germany).

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