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  • Dometic Marine Introduces Emerald Series Variable Capacity Split System
Dometic Marine Introduces Emerald Series Variable Capacity Split System

Dometic Marine Introduces Emerald Series Variable Capacity Split System

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Dometic Marine Introduces Emerald Series Variable Capacity Split System

Dometic Emerald Variable Capacity Split System EVARCX 48 is an innovative marine air conditioning systems which pairs up to five evaporators with a single condenser unit. The innovation saves installation space while providing unparalleled control for crews and passengers.


Dometic Marine today debuted its Emerald Variable Capacity Split System EVARCX 48, engineered to combine superior comfort with unparalleled temperature control for yachts of all types and sizes.

“The new Variable Capacity Emerald Series is a game changer for the boat building industry and yachting owners alike,” said Eric Fetchko, President of Dometic Marine Americas. “Current split capacity systems providing this level of control required a separate compressor for each condenser unit.  Our new Variable Capacity Emerald Series requires a single compressor installed in the engine room, which can then be combined with up to five separate, different sized TVC Evaporator units for precise cooling and heating control throughout the boat,” added Fetchko.

This unique capability ensures precise control of the climate in all areas of the vessel, based on needs at the time as well as operator preference.    With this innovation, crew and passengers in the salon, galley, bridge and multiple staterooms can all dial in their exact comfortable temperature without affecting other zones of the vessel.

To tailor the optimum climate control system for every size, type and style of yacht, Dometic offers a range of Emerald TurboVap Variable Capacity (TVC) Evaporators.  These include the TVCH6 (6,000 BTU), TVCH8 (8,000 BTU), TVCH12 (12,000 BTU) TVCH16 (16,000BTU) and TVCH24 (24,000 BTU). 

Engineered for use with Emerald Variable Capacity Condensers, these compact units are powerful, efficient and quiet, thanks to a high-quality blower and built-in isolation mounts. Each features an Electronic Expansion Valve for precise control, electric heat and a high velocity speed controlled blower. A rust-free composite drain pan has anti-slosh, positive-flow drain channels for no-spill performance and rapid removal of condensate. 

The EVARCX48’s compact footprint saves space in the engine room. Its robust titanium condensing coil, impervious to erosion and corrosion, extends the life of the unit. In addition, its Electronic Expansion Valve provides more precise control of superheat.  It features built-in isolation mounts to reduce vibration.  Additionally, its PLC control system with PGD1 display provides complete control of the condensing unit, system operation feedback and communication with each of the TVC evaporators, for complete system control.

Dometic EVARCX 48 will be available in the market from August 2020. 

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