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  • Dometic Solutions to Feature on Flippers all New 900 DC Model
Dometic Solutions to Feature on Flippers all New 900 DC Model

Dometic Solutions to Feature on Flippers all New 900 DC Model


Dometic Solutions to Feature on Flippers all New 900 DC Model

Finland - May 27, 2021. Dometic refrigeration and sanitation solutions are now featured as both standard and optional extra on the newly released Flipper 900 DC, helping the dynamic Finnish boat builder to introduce a new era of enjoyment for customers.

Established in 1966, Scandinavian leisure boat manufacturer, Flipper Boats, specialise in creating boats that provide the ideal setting to head out on the water for longer, more comfortable cruises, whilst featuring a unique hull design that also enables higher speeds and a sporty driving experience.

The 900 DC is the latest in Flipper’s range of distinctive designs being manufactured throughout 2021, and Dometic are proud to feature onboard with a range of innovative refrigeration and sanitation solutions.

Flipper 3.jpg

To keep fresh food stocked and allow longer trips on the water, Flipper Boats have opted for the Dometic CRX 65DS drawer refrigerator as standard, making efficient use of the smaller deck arrangement of the 900 DC with its convenient slide out access and allowing for up to 50L of cold storage including a potential 7L of freezer space.

As an optional extra, the Dometic CD 30S drawer refrigerator is also available, with a compact design and offering an additional 30L of cold storage. Both these units feature a classic stainless steel finish, with flush installation to ensure they blend seamlessly into the boat.

900 dc model 3.jpg

Together these space efficient refrigerators offer a grand total of 80L refrigeration space, and combined with the 900 DC’s unique frame construction and engine set-up, allow end users to go longer, faster, and further out on the water.

Sanitation solutions as standard include the Dometic Brush & Stow, a unique toilet brush which perfectly fits the smaller bowls of the 900 DC’s toilet. This hygienic essential offers the comforts of home, no matter the location, and is specifically designed to help improve and maintain cleanliness for longer durations at sea.

900 dc model 8.jpg

“Dometic is committed to provide effective branded solutions within the day/overnight cruising boat range, with our products allowing end users to find their own space on the water and fully enjoy the mobile living lifestyle.

Our partnership with Flipper Boats is yet another testament to that, and these boats being exported throughout Europe, Dometic’s position within the international Marine market continues to expand and excite.” – Eric Fetchko, President of Dometic Marine.

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