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  • Dometic to promote broadness of its sierra brand offering at IBEX
Dometic to promote broadness of its sierra brand offering at IBEX

Dometic to promote broadness of its sierra brand offering at IBEX

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Dometic to promote broadness of its sierra brand offering at IBEX

Litchfield, IL – October 25, 2021 Dometic Marine highlights IBEX exhibit with broad range of products and power systems solutions under the Sierra brand. The company offers unparalleled solutions for boat builders, dealers and boaters alike.

Some in the boating industry think of the popular Sierra brand strictly in terms of aftermarket engine and drive replacement parts — when in reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

While the Sierra brand is deservedly well known for these important components, it has much more to offer the boating industry around the world. Dometic will be promoting the range of Sierra products to the industry and the press at 2021 IBEX, including the following categories:

NMEA Components — Sierra is a leader in innovative NMEA components for the boating industry, Offerings include a comprehensive range of Micro C extension cables, drop cables, power tee cables and micro tees. Sierra’s industry-leading NMEA Hub features an IPX7 waterproof rating, premium metal connection collars, LED indicators and gold-plated copper alloy terminals for superior connections in the harsh marine environment. With its 8-drop termination points, the Sierra NMEA Hub lets boaters set up a self-contained NMEA network without the need for a backbone cable.

Modern Switching Products — stainless steel push button switches, new Contura XIV rocker switches, compact rocker switches, IP68 Halo Lit Rocker switches, and Rotary Switches with integrated LED illumination modules.

Charging Components — Modular USB charging options that fit into standard panels, standard round USB charging options and integrated voltmeter displays.

Circuit Protection — Sierra offers a comprehensive range of circuit breaker options, including panel and surface mount, flat rocker style circuit breakers, pushbutton circuit breakers, & toggle-style circuit breakers. Also now available, new fuse blocks & covers with LED indicators and modular design that allows users to build 12-gang fuse blocks by using two 6-gang blocks.

Battery Management — Modern style battery switches with and without alternator field disconnect options and a Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) with a built-in LED indicator to notify users when VSR is engaged.

Sealed Bus Bars — This superior, corrosion-resistant alternative to standard bus bars comes with an IP67 waterproof rating and meets SAEJ1171 Ignition Protection requirements. This allows this style bus bar to be used in engine compartments. Sierra’s new sealed bus bar is rated for applications up to 48VDC. Sierra’s 12-pin input mates with standard DT06-12 Deutsch connectors, commonly used in the marine industry and provides an IP67 connection. Sierra’s exclusive modular design allows users to set up connected runs of bus bars to limit panel space requirements.

It’s clear to see that through the Sierra Brand, Dometic Marine offers a comprehensive array of electrical components, battery management systems and NMEA connectivity products engineered to provide a better boating experience.

Water in fuel NMER 2000 Module
Light box
VSR module
Main switch
Sierra NMEA Hub
V-charge USB
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