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Ballast impeller kit - Jabsco Ballast King Pump

Sierra’s newest line of ballast impellers will greatly improve the performance, speed, and functionality of your ballast pump. Sierra Ballast Impellers are manufactured to match the original part they are designed to replace, and will meet or exceed OEM specs.  This part replace OE impeller 23095-0007-24.

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What is a ballast pump?
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What is a ballast pump?

Ballast pumps are a necessity for boaters utilizing ballasts on board their vessels. Ballast pumps are DC motor-driven water pumps that transfer external water into a ballast tank or bag, changing the mass of the boat and displacing the hull deeper in the water. This causes a dynamic change in both the wake size and shape. Bigger and better waves are the goal for wakeboarders and wake surfers. Wake boats with a ballast system can create the ideal wake for longer rides and more complex stunts.

When should you replace your ballast pump components?
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When should you replace your ballast pump components?

Over time, ballast pump components like the impeller wear down and require periodic maintenance. If your ballast pump is leaking water or is not transferring water as fast as it used to, it may be time to service your ballast pump. Sierra recommends servicing ballast impellers at least annually. Sierra offers impeller repair kits for many Johnson and Jabsco ballast pumps. Buy Sierra for high-quality replacement parts at an affordable price.

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Ballast impeller kit - Jabsco Ballast King Pump

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