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Fuel Connector

Use with Yamaha 8mm fuel line. Replaces: Yamaha 6E5-24305-00-00, 6E5-24305-01-00, 6E5-24305-02-00, 6E5-24305-04-00, 6E5-24305-05-00, 6E5-24305-06-00, 6Y2-24305-00-00, 6Y2-24305-01-00, 6Y2-24305-02-00, 6Y2-24305-03-00, 6Y2-24305-04-00, 6Y2-24305-05-00, 6Y2-24305-06-00, 6YK-24305-00-00, 6YK-24305-01-00.

Low stockArt nr: 9600039696 (18-80415)

WARNINGCancer or Reproductive Harm

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