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5W-30 FC-W Semi-Synthetic Catalyst Oil, Qt.

Capitalizing on "ZDDP" anti-wear additive technology for maximum corrosion protection, this semi-synthetic ultra high-performance oil utilizes premium base stocks and industry leading additives. It offers enhanced detergent to suspend and prevent sludge, advanced lubrication and deposit control for extended engine life, and prevents phosphorous depletion. Meets and/or exceeds FC-W catalyst and FC-W specifications, and meets or exceeds API SM category requirements. Replaces: Honda 08207-5W30M2.

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Semi-Synthetic ultra-high performance oil, utilizes premium base stocks & industry leading additives

Meets and/or exceeds FC-W Catalyst and FC-W specifications

Meets or exceeds API SM category requirements

Enhanced detergent package to suspend and prevent sludge

Prevents thermal and oxidation bread down under extreme temperatures

High shear stability maintains viscosity prevent excessive thinning in high performance applications

Advanced ZDDP additive technology prevents phosphorus depletion extending catalyst life

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5W-30 FC-W Semi-Synthetic Catalyst Oil, Qt.

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Synthetic Blend

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4 Stroke



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2 1/2

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4 1/2

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