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How do I replace a ballast impeller?

1. Remove the screws from the cover plate on the pump to access the impeller location.

2. When the plate is off, use a pick tool to reach under the old impeller and remove it.

3. Inspect the housing when the old impeller is out of the pump. Clean any debris or foreign material which may cause extra wear on the new impeller.

4. Align the keyway on the pump shaft matching the D-shaped pattern on new impeller’s hub. Slide the impeller on the shaft back into the housing.

5. All the impeller’s blades should face a clockwise direction after installation.

6. Replace the pump housing’s O-ring. No silicone is needed for this step. New O-rings are included in Sierra ballast impellers.

7. Attach the cover plate back to the pump housing using the screws that were removed in step #1. Tighten screws to seal the housing.

8. Verify that the impeller is working properly and check for leaks.

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